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Extensive Early Childhood Development

Ti Ti Lil Totz Academy 2 in Mableton, GA, prioritizes the holistic early childhood development of children six weeks to 12 years old. Our staff members are certified Child Development Associates and train continually to assist in the advancement of the following skills in children:

• Social and Emotional • Cognitive • Physical • Language and Communication
Children Painting - Early Childhood Development


Stimulate your child’s interest in learning with our education curriculum through play. We create lesson plans according to age groups and employ play to make the grasp of knowledge easier. In Home Living, toddlers play "pretend cook" and serve guests. Children also learn about music through dancing and musical instruments. Cognitive learning is developed through feeling different textures using water and sand tables.


Enroll your child with us by simply filling out an application form. As part of our care program, you are required within 30 days to supply us with an updated record of your child’s immunizations. You must also provide us with clothes and diapers for changing. All food, except for baby formula, is provided by our center.

Contact us today in Mableton, Georgia, to learn about the schedule of our early childhood development program.